About The 3PL Lab

The Personality, Psychopathology, & Psychometrics Lab (The 3PL) conducts research related to the classification, description, and measurement of personality and psychopathology.  More specifically, we study dimensional models of personality and psychopathology, applied and basic psychological assessment, item response theory applications to personality measurement, and computerized adaptive testing.  Our primary targets for research are structural models of personality, personality pathology, depression, and anxiety disorders.  Primary methods include self-report questionnaires, structured interviews, self/other studies, daily diary methods, ecological momentary assessment, and advanced psychometric/statistical methods.

Recent News

Recent Projects

CAT-PD Project

An NIMH-funded project to develop an integrative trait model of personality disorder and a computerized adaptive test to measure those traits.

100-day Study

Examination of the within- and between-person processes underlying personality pathology manifestations over 100 daily assessments.

Structural Studies

Studies of the phenotypic structure of personality, personality disorder, depressive and anxious symptomatology, and posttraumatic stress disorder.

Evaluative Person Descriptors

Studies of evaluative person descriptors and their relation to other “Big Trait” personality models.